May 11: The Top 12 EMR Mistakes most Eyecare Clinics Make

This Webinar is specifically for Eyecare.  Most managers and providers are under the mistaken notion that their coding and compliance concerns are over once they’ve purchased a certified EMR system.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
In this Webinar we will discuss more than 12 issues that both include and are caused by EMR use. Trust me, your EMR vendor is not going to discourage you from up-coding–that helps pay for the system. And copying information from a previous visit is a time-saver–but is it compliant? This 50-minute Webinar will be held at noon, Central Time, Thursday May 11, and includes:

  1. CC/Presenting Problem
  2.  Mood and Affect/ A+OX3
  3.  Review of Systems (ROS)
  4.  The Problem with Problem Lists
  5.  Identical Exams
  6.  Two additional exam elements specifically for children.
  7.  Medical Decision Making (MDM)
  8.  Pull-down lists for Assessment/Impression
  9.  Medical Necessity (both definitions)
  10.  Matching diagnosis with CPT codes
  11.  Time: Only one Time
  12.  Medicine Section codes 920×2 and 920×4
  13.  Payment versus compliance

Click on This link to Order EyeCodingForum Services. This Webinar is $49 or buy a block of 4 for $149; or purchase the Site License (over 40 Webinars plus the next 12 Webinars for a full year) for only $499. All Webinars are recorded so you can watch anytime and as often as you like. They are streaming video.

Click here for a list of all available EyeCare Coding and Billing Webinars.

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