August 24 EyeCodingForum Webinar: Medicare for Eyecare

This noon, Central Time, 50-minute Webinar will focus on everything related to Medicare for both optometry and ophthalmology. Click here to order EyeCodingForum Services.  It will be recorded so you can view it anytime. It is an update to our July 2014 Webinar. Medicare is your most important insurance carrier. This is a valuable investment of an hour of your time. We will discuss:

  1. Common diagnostic procedures
  2. The Basics (LCDs, E & M Guidelines, Incident-To Rules)
  3. How to work with Medicare
  4. How Medicare Advantage is different.
  5. Why Medicare is not just one, single agency (jurisdictions)
  6. Co-Management
  7. Understand carrier-specific rules
  8. Office visits (both E & M and 920xx codes)
  9. Documentation requirements
  10. How to  appeal denied claims
  11. Improving your ICD-10 coding.

Nationally, about 75 to 85% of Medicare rules and guidelines are the same. However, there are 12 Jurisdictions in the United States and each one has slightly different rules. Our goal will be to provide both a sound foundation and provide new information from all of them and help you get paid correctly, the first time.

The Webinar is $49.00 for one, $149 for purchase a block of 4 or only $499 for access to the entire EyeCodingForum Training Library of over 40 Webinars (Site License). Click here for a list of all available EyeCare Coding and Billing Webinars.

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA
(901) 517-1705

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