Four-Page ICD-10 Code List for optometry and ophthalmology

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This form would be suitable for most ophthalmology and optometry offices that report a considerable number of medical diagnoses. For best results we recommend ordering it with our comprehensive ICD-10 recorded training.

The form is $150 per copy and will be mailed to you so be sure to include your mailing address. It is printed on 11X17 paper and folded in half, and includes just over 500 codes–more than any comparable form.

Form Features.

  1. Sorted by Type/Category and then alphabetically.
  2. The laterality codes sort properly in numeric order.
  3. We aggregated over a dozen actual clinics codes to create this form.
  4. Over 100 specific disease codes.
  5. Reviewed by the certified coders at the EyeCodingForum.
  6. Diabetic retinopathy codes (all of them) are available as a separate one-page form.
  7. This form took well over two weeks (80) hours to create. Plus it requires knowledge of both GEMS and MS Access database.
  8. Customization is available. This form can be customized for your clinic. We can change the order or format.
  9. We can add your codes. We can subtract codes.

If interested please order now as the deadline approaches our inquiries are increasing exponentially every month. The customization service is a minimum of $350 extra (essentially the same as the ICD-9 to ICD-10 code conversion service.) This upgrade includes up to 5 hours of custom conversion services. Additional formatting is billed at $65 per hour.

The sample is ”watermarked” with red type. Your will be printed professional on card-stock paper.

June 6 SUN 4 page Cheat Sheet WM ICD-10 for Eyecare

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