Site License Training Option

The EyeCodingForum is offering a Site License: this includes all EyeCodingForum recorded training per clinic for up to ten providers, for one year, for only $598. It represents over 50 hours of training specific to optometry and ophthalmology. You can watch the videos anytime, multiple times, from a PC or Mac, and fast forward or rewind. The offer includes:

  1. The Ultimate Compendium training manual. Over 250 pages ($225 value).
  2. Maximizing Revenue through coding, billing and documentation training specifically for Eyecare (6 hours)
  3. Beginner and an advanced Webinar sets; each set contains six, 50-minute, recorded Webinars. These are bundles of the Webinars below.
  4. Over 50 recorded Webinars and counting — save you time, improve your revenue, ensure compliance and increase the effectiveness of your office.
  5. ICD-10 training specifically for Eyecare (over 10 hours)
  6. New Webinars every year. You can watch additional live Webinars.

Click on the links above for more information. All courses are recorded video with PowerPoint slides and audio narration. They can be watched anytime, paused like a video and watched again during the one-year period.

After the one-year period you will be offered an option to continue with the training at a discount.

Order the site license here 

Please contact us at the email or number below if you have any questions.

(901) 517-1705


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