Click on this link to Order EyeCodingForum Services or Review our Product List the first time.

Once you’ve placed your first order and you have User ID and a Password Click here to go to your Subscription Page (product page) and order additional products or upgrade.

You can add products by selecting the Membership Type.

The Order Form was originally a subscription service order form so it only allows the selection of one item at a time. To purchase two products order the first one, then login to your Subscription Page above.

If this is your first order enter the information as prompted. This User ID is different from the Forum User ID.

If you have previously purchased an item and already have a Order Form User ID and a Password and you will see this message:

Enter your existing Login Name and password and go to your product page. It will list your previous purchases.

Under Useful Links to the right of your screen you will see

Add/Renew subscription — this is where you place another order. Below this is:

Membership Type * — this is where you select a new product or Webinar. Click on the down arrow to see the Webinar and product options. Below this is:

Payment System * — pay with Paypal or Credit Card

If you are having any trouble at all with this form, please call Jeff at 901-517-1705 for send an email to jeff@eyecodingforum.com

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