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Maximizing Revenue through Accurate Coding, Billing, Documentation, and Compliance

2015-11-12 06:21:03 admin

This Webinar is recorded and if you can watch it anytime, anywhere. If you select just one, this should be it. Note that it does assume a basic knowledge of concepts and guidelines. If you discover you need additional training, select our Beginner Bundle of Webinars (only $125) on our Order Form.

1. Documenting and reporting 920xx codes

2. Documenting and scoring E & M office visits

3. Know how to score MDM.

4. Updating your fee schedule. Understanding RVU’s

5. Understanding medical necessity

6. Medicare Guidelines and Tips

7. Learn how to appeal denied claims.

8. Reporting optimal levels (audit-proofing your clinic)

9. Knowing information not in the CPT manual (e.g., unilateral vs bilateral codes)

10. Work screenings for high-risk drugs

11. Niche markets: psychiatric, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics

12. How to document the Interpretation and Report for diagnostic tests

13. A little something extra on ICD-10 (Appendix)

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Meaningful Use and Coding Compliance

2015-11-12 05:06:05 admin

Meaningful Use and Coding Compliance, Thu, Nov 19, 2015, noon central time, fifty-minutes.

This will be a detailed look at meaningful use from an experienced Eyecare auditor and certified coder.

  1. Is Meaningful Use Attestation the same as being compliant?
  2. Does using an EMR ensure your documentation will pass a coding audit?
  3. How do you know?

Have you ever asked the difficult questions?

I have–and the answers will surprise you.

Click on the Order Tab, order a block of four, or with our Site License option receive this Webinar, access to all recorded Webinars (over 40) plus new Webinars for a full twelve months.

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2016 CPT, HCPC, ICD-10, Medicare, Medicaid updates for Ophthalmology and Optometry

2015-11-12 04:57:18 admin

The fifty-minute Webinar is Thursday, December 10, 2015, and it will save you between 8-15 hours. How valuable is your time? Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC is an Eyecare coding expert with hundreds of hours of experience in coding and billing exclusively for Eyecare. This webinar will review:

  1. CPT code updates
  2. Level III CPT code updates and changes
  3. Why they’ve changed
  4. How to apply the new codes,
  5. What should be documented to support them.
  6. NCCI edits
  7. RVU updates
  8. Modifier changes
  9. Medicare updates
  10. Local Coverage Determination Updates (Medicare)
  11. 2016 OIG Workplan
  12. 2016 ICD-10 Guidelines updates

This Webinar is $49 or buy a block of 4 for $99; it is included with the Site License (all Webinars and ICD-10 updates for a full year) for only $499. All Webinars are recorded so you can watch anytime and as often as you like.

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Priority Question and Answer Service for coding, billing, and documentation questions

2015-10-16 15:05:04 admin

This support service will use a formal Ticket System plus include a  searchable Knowledge-Base (KB), organized by category with hundreds of the most common Eyecare coding and billing questions. The goal is to answer all posted questions within 24 hours. The KB will be available 24X7. Most questions should be answered the same day, during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5).

Until the end of October, you can test out the system below. You can view over 75 of the most common questions in the knowledge-base without creating a user ID.


After Nov 1 if you wish to test the system send us an email on our contact form and we will set you up with a temporary ID. You have a coding question, post it and then you will be notified of a response within 24-48 hours.

This Priority Q and A service is available for only $25 per month or free toall EyeCodingForum:

  1. Site License clients ($499 per year)
  2. ICD-10 Comprehensive Coding Course clients ($275 until Oct 1 2016).

Remember just one paid claim or coding question solved could pay for the service for an entire year.


Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA
Coding Specialist in Eyecare

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ICD-10 Coding Exercises for Eyecare - 125 Questions

2015-10-01 05:11:36 admin

The EyeCodingforu has been posting ICD-10 coding exercises for Eyecare on our website the last two months. The attached document is the latest version with 125 coding exercises. Most, but not all of the answers, are on the 4-page cheat sheet. This document replaces all other ICD-10 coding exercise lists.

ICD-10 Coding for Eyecare Oct 1 2015 125 Questions

Use whatever method you’ve chosen to select codes:

  1. Cheat sheet
  2. Lookup program (Practice Management, ERM, or third-party)
  3. Coding from the manual.

Of course coding from the manual is the only way to ensure accurate, specific, and compliant coding. These questions will help you identify GAPS in your current knowledge and coding system and whether you may need additional training. After entering your codes on Thursday and Friday you might want to scan this list for codes used less frequently. The top 20% are easy. It’s best to become familiar with the less common codes before you have a busy day and then a half-dozen conditions you’ve never coded before. In addition there are bunch of exceptions and “gotcha’s” as I called them in ICD-10. Most took many months of study to find.

The answer key is available to all ICD-10 and Site License subscribers. The ICD-10 training will be updated several times with carrier-specific feedback and is good for one year from purchase.

Articles posted on the EyeCodingForum.com include definitions of mild, moderate and severe glaucoma stages, low and high risk glaucoma, the updated definition of “active treatment” for the “A” extender code, and much more.

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