March 20 Webinar: 35 Key Concepts every Coder, Biller, and Provider should Know

We may have to make this a two-part Webinar depending on time. A one-page graphic will be uploaded to the website and a short demo will be posted to the EyeCodingForum YouTube Channel. The complete review will be somewhere between 60 and 120 minutes. Below is a list of the key concepts. We are actually at 38 so there will probably be at least 40. You can click on this link to Order EyeCodingForum Services.

1 Surgical Op Reports
2 Medical necessity
3 Modifiers
4 ICD-9 Codes
5 ICD-10 codes
6 CPT Codes
7 HCPCS codes
8 Medical terminology and anatomy
9 Global Period
10 Screenings
11 Diagnostic Tests
12 NCCI Edits
13 Professional Component
14 Technical Component
15 Small surgical procedures
16 Medicare Guidelines
17 Local Coverage Determinations
18 Bilateral surgery modifier
19 Relative Value Units (RVU’s)
20 PM software, EMR, Clearinghouse
21 Cloned Notes
22 Private Insurance
23 Medicaid
24 Vision Plans
25 Casino Health Insurance
26 Routine Vision Exam
27 Office visits new or established?
28 920xx codes
29 992xx codes
30 History,
31 Exam, 14 elements; elements for children.
32 Medical Decision Making  (MDM)
33 Counseling and coordination of care, Time
34 Audits, OIG, RAC, VSP, Medicare, Board
35 Compliance, Compliance Plan
36 Legal Issues
37 Private Pay
38 Interpretation and Report


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