May 23 Webinar: How to audit your office visits (progress notes)

Thursday, May 23, Webinar: How to audit your office visits (progress notes) and diagnostic procedures. This 50-minute online, interactive Webinar will go line by line and point by point to illustrate how an auditor will review your work for accuracy and compliance. This review was part of my national seminar presentation until about two years ago when we had to drop it due to time considerations. It is suitable for all staff members but is particularly useful for the Provider. Providers are ultimately responsible for all their documentation and coding.
We will review a number of sample progress notes for accuracy and compliance. We will also review EMR Eyecare notes. Codes reviewed will include:

  1. 99212
  2. 99214
  3. 99203
  4. 92012
  5. 92014
  6. Office visits and small procedures (Mod-25)

This Webinar will be appropriate for both Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

Order using the EyeCodingForum Order Form or purchase a block of 4 or 8 Webinars. All Webinars are recorded. The fee is per clinic, not user and you can view them as often as you wish, anytime for up to six months. Click here to Order.

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