August 22, Thursday 12 noon Webinar: Intro to ICD-10 II

This is an updated version of my February Webinar on ICD-10 coding for Ophthalmology and Optometry. I have completed a 320 slide, six-hour ICD-10 course for Eyecare. I will be reviewing the course with selected Eyecare professionals and then recording it the first two weeks of August. The complete course, which can be ordered now, will be available to view as a recorded version after August 15, 2013.

This course will be updated numerous times between now and Oct 1 2014. For a limited time, order the course now and receive updates as I upload them. In addition, if you purchase the complete course now, you will be eligible to join our monthly ICD-10 webinars in 2014 we will conduct every month.

If you purchase the Aug 22 Introduction webinar and decide to purchase the complete six-hour version, I will provide you with a discount code that will effectively rebate you the $49 Webinar price.


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