Dec 12 noon Webinar: New CPT Eyecare Codes

This webinar will cover every new, deleted and “description change” 2014 CPT code related to Eyecare plus a 2014 “To Do” list. To be honest, there are not a lot of new surgical or diagnostic codes related to Eyecare in 2014.¬†In this Webinar we will review in detail, the new 2014 CPT manual and review guidelines, notes, NCCI edits, and documentation guidelines. As you will hear me state often, sometimes distilling information onto a single page is more valuable than a 50-page white paper.

  1. New Anterior Sclera Code: 66183, Insertion of anterior segment aqueous drainage device…
  2. Revised descriptions of existing codes.
  3. Review of category III CPT codes for Eyecare (most relate to Ophthalmology.
  4. Review of some new technologies (Pentacam, Anterior Segment OCT)
  5. Clarification of some of the common, more complicated codes.

This will cover some surgical procedures for Ophthalmologists, in addition to diagnostic procedures for Eyecare.

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