Nov 21 Webinar: Obamacare, Medicare, Eyecare

and why should I care?

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These are the top questions optometrists and ophthalmologists ask me every day. This will be a non-political, neutral, “just give me the facts” review of how changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka ACA and Obamacare) will affect Eyecare coding, billing, and documentation. Take advantage of my years of coding, auditing, and billing experience in Eyecare to save you and your clinic time and money.

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In this session we discuss:

  1. Specific provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that impact Eyecare.
  2. What might you expect from new patients.
  3. Impact on Medicare patients and Medicare in general.
  4. Impact on state Medicaid’s.
  5. A quick review of available information (and misinformation) and how it relates to coding, medical necessity, documentation, fee-for-service, Medicare guidelines, RVU’s, vision services for children, the conversion factor, managing costs, marketing, and clinical training.
  6. The goal here is to get to the facts concerning your day-to-day coding, billing and documentation needs.
  7. How everything above impacts your bottom line.
  8. And, of course, your questions!

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The December 12, Thu noon CST 50-minute webinar will cover the new 2014 Eyecare CPT codes and any other relevant changes for the new year.

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