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Priority Question and Answer Service for coding, billing, and documentation questions

2015-10-16 15:05:04 admin

This support service will use a formal Ticket System plus include a  searchable Knowledge-Base (KB), organized by category with hundreds of the most common Eyecare coding and billing questions. The goal is to answer all posted questions within 24 hours. The KB will be available 24X7. Most questions should be answered the same day, during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5).

Until the end of October, you can test out the system below. You can view over 75 of the most common questions in the knowledge-base without creating a user ID.


After Nov 1 if you wish to test the system send us an email on our contact form and we will set you up with a temporary ID. You have a coding question, post it and then you will be notified of a response within 24-48 hours.

This Priority Q and A service is available for only $25 per month or free toall EyeCodingForum:

  1. Site License clients ($499 per year)
  2. ICD-10 Comprehensive Coding Course clients ($275 until Oct 1 2016).

Remember just one paid claim or coding question solved could pay for the service for an entire year.


Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA
Coding Specialist in Eyecare

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Top Ten Percent of Eyecare Providers

2015-05-26 19:11:11 admin

After teaching coding, billing, and documentation for nearly 20 years, and auditing over 10,000 medical charts, and teaching over 300 live classes on Eyecare, I have come to an interesting conclusion.

My services and instruction appeal most to the top ten-percent of coders, billings, providers, and management. That is who is attending my live seminars and attending my Webinars.

My goal, over the next 12 months, is to find these “top ten percenters” and focus on them. Most all transactions can be handled remotely and through Webinars. It’s roughly 1600 Eyecare practices and this service is a a personalized, custom, high-end product. You don’t have to be in the top ten percent today–you just have to want to get there! I’ve had many clinics attend my seminars or a Webinar and they bill very little medical insurance and have never had any formal training so regardless of where you are now, do you want to someday be in the top ten-percent? Here is an overview of the service:

1 Mini audit service (2 per year) $500
2 Eyecare Compliance Plan $299
3 Maximizing Revenue Course $218
4 ICD-10 Training $265
5 Basic ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion $500
6 All Webinars (36) $1,750
7 12 More Webinars $600
8 Access to other ten-percenters priceless
9 Available for Q and A: priceless
Total value per year: $4,332

This service is the Site License on Steroids. Currently my price-point for the service is $2,000 per year but that may change. If you currently have any other EyeCodingForum subscription, you can upgrade to the Top Ten-Percent Program and I will rebate any amount you have spent in 2015 toward it. The site license offering will increase later in 2015 so that would be an appropriate price. How do you know if you want to be in the top ten-percent? Here is a short list:

1 Establish Baseline audit and training
2 Establish a coding compliance plan
3 Values training and education as an investment with a quantifiable ROI.
4 Agreeable to improving documentation across the board
5 Excited about maximizing medical patients
6 More procedures and tests.
7 Want to work smarter not harder
8 Want greatest income per patient
9 Providers and management involved in all aspects of practice
10 Higher level office visits
11 Focus on audit-proofing clinic
12 Implement education and marketing programs recommended by EyeCodingForum.com

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, CPC-H, MBA

(901) 517-1705

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Special Training Offer: EyeCodingForum Site License for Eyecare

2015-04-21 19:26:05 admin

For a limited time, the EyeCodingForum is offering a Site License: this includes all EyeCodingForum recorded training per clinic for up to ten providers, for one year, for only $499. It represents over 50 hours of training specific to optometry and ophthalmology.

The offer includes:

  1. ICD-10 training specifically for Eyecare (6 hours)
  2. Maximizing Revenue through coding, billing and documentation training specifically for Eyecare (6 hours)
  3. Beginner and an advanced Webinar sets; each set contains six, 50-minute, recorded Webinars. These are bundles of the Webinars below.
  4. A total of 35 recorded Webinars and counting — approximately 35 hours of instruction to save you time, improve your revenue, keep you compliant and increase the effectiveness of your office.
  5. new Webinar every month. You can sit in or watch 12 additional Webinars.

Click on the links above for more information. All courses are recorded video with PowerPoint slides and audio narration. They can be watched anytime, paused like a video and watched again during the one-year period.

After the one-year period you will be offered an option to continue with the training at a discount. This is a limited-time offer. The price will increase after this year.

Order the site license here 

On the Order Form scroll to the bottom of the screen to see Subscription Annual All Training It is second from the bottom on the order form.

Please contact us at the email or number below if you have any questions.


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Webinar Bundle - Advanced

2014-07-09 17:31:44 admin

This group of six 50-minute Webinars is suitable for an intermediate to advanced coder/biller in an optometrist or ophthalmologist office. The list price for all six Webinars is $294 ($49 each). For a limited time only, the price is $149. That is nearly six hours of training, a per-clinic fee (not per person), plus you can watch anytime and multiple times.

  1. May 2014 Documenting and Scoring Medical Decision Making
  2. FEB 2014: EyeCare screenings for other diseases, high-risk drugs, and medical necessity.
  3. May 2013: Online, interactive audit of office visit notes (92014, 99214, 99203 and more).
  4. DEC 2012: Marketing to medical patients in 2013.
  5. AUG 2012: How to Audit-Proof your Optometry Practice Webinar
  6. JUL 2012: Winning Optometry Appeals Webinar.

Click on this link to Order EyeCodingForum Services. The selection is toward the middle of the page.

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