The EyecodingForum specializes in medical coding, billing and documentation compliance for optometry and ophthalmology. This includes ICD-10, CPT© and HCPCS coding. We offer the following Services:

  1. Webinars: Monthly Coding and Billing Webinars for optometry and ophthalmology. We offer a Site License–for only $499 receive access to our entire library of Webinars for a full year–over 40 recorded plus 12 new each year.
  2. Fee Ticket ReviewMini-Audit Services – Quick review of your billing, coding and documentation for only $500.
  3. Office Visit Audit: A Progress-Note audit. These are $12 per Date of Service. We typically audit between 5 – 30 notes per provider.
  4. Onsite Training: Onsite Training for the coding/billing staff or the entire office. Also available on weekends.
  5. General Consulting Services billed at $95 per hour.
  6. Comprehensive Coding Compliance Plan for Eyecare.
  7. ICD-10 Training for Ophthalmology and Optometry
  8. The complete six-hour training program is available to order now.
  9. Online Coding and Billing Training: Visit our Webinar Bundles for coding, billing, compliance, and courses for beginners and advanced coders and billers.

Click on this link to Order EyeCodingForum Services.

Contact us by email: or call us at 901-517-1705.

We accept MC, Visa, Discover, Amex or PayPal.

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