Coding Compliance Plan Service

The Coding Compliance Plan service includes a sample plan specifically for Eyecare. A good coding compliance officer can cost a clinic between $75 and $125K per year. Many Eyecare clinics use the Eyecodingforum to keep them compliant for a fraction of that cost. This service includes consulting, a coding compliance plan and recorded training.

The plan is the result of well over forty hours of consulting time. Click here to review a DRAFT copy of the plan. The key to a Coding Compliance Plan is consistency. This Coding Compliance Plan for Ophthalmology/Optometry establishes standards for formats and auditing tools. Most clinics order this as a bundle with the Baseline Audit Service. Combined they offer a complete compliance service that can either be repeated yearly (allow the EyeCodingForum to serve as your compliance officer).

This service includes:

  1. The sample Coding Compliance Plan
  2. Two webinars/conference calls with staff/doctors.
  3. All background documentation.
  4. A review of the current status of their compliance
  5. Online recorded training
  6. Sample exams for providers and staff.

It is recommended the practice performs between 3 to 30 audits per provider. Determine if audits are quarterly, bi-annual or annual. Be sure to document benchmarks, clearly define how to fix any problems and provide and document training for the Providers.

The final and most important component is a follow-up audit in 3, 6 or 12 months and compare and evaluate progress. Sometimes it is best to get an outside or third-party to conduct the coding audit.

The Coding Compliance Plan for Ophthalmology/Optometry includes:

  1. Lists of ICD-10 codes that can cause problems.
  2. Lists of specific CPT codes to audit.
  3. An Evaluation and Management Audit Form An Eye Exam (920xx) Audit Form.
  4. Specific Eyecare audit elements.

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