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2015 example of a GEMS ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion

2015-06-08 16:17:34 admin

for ophthalmology and optometry. If you want your codes converted, create a report from your practice management system sorted by quantity (so we can determine your top 100 codes.)

Sample $500 ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion list


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Four-Page ICD-10 Code Sheet for Eyecare

2015-06-04 04:29:00 admin

This form would be suitable for most ophthalmology and optometry offices that report a considerable number of medical diagnoses. For best results we recommend ordering it with our comprehensive ICD-10 training.

Click Here to Order

The form is $150 per copy and will be mailed to you so be sure to include your mailing address. It will be printed on 11X17 paper and folded in half, and includes just over 500 codes–more than any comparable form.

Form Features.

  1. Sorted by Type/Category and then alphabetically.
  2. The laterality codes sort properly in numeric order.
  3. We aggregated over a dozen actual clinics codes to create this form.
  4. Over 100 specific disease codes.
  5. Reviewed by the certified coders at the EyeCodingForum.
  6. Diabetic retinopathy codes (all of them) are available as a separate one-page form.
  7. This form took well over two weeks (80) hours to create. Plus it requires knowledge of both GEMS and MS Access database.
  8. Customization is available. This form can be customized for your clinic. We can change the order or format.
  9. We can add your codes. We can subtract codes.

If interested please order now as the deadline approaches our inquiries are increasing exponentially every month. The customization service is a minimum of $350 extra (essentially the same as the ICD-9 to ICD-10 code conversion service.) This upgrade includes up to 5 hours of custom conversion services. Additional formatting is billed at $65 per hour.

The sample is “watermarked” with red type. Your will be printed professional on card-stock paper.

June 6 SUN 4 page Cheat Sheet WM ICD-10 for Eyecare


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Fee Ticket/ICD-10 Cheat Sheet for Eyecare

2015-06-04 03:56:45 admin

This is a one-page form with a focus on unspecified disease codes. If your goal is to avoid denials, increase your medical claims, and report codes specifically and accurately, I do not recommend using this form. We have a better form, but it’s four pages, not one. This form is more what not to code than what to code.

If you want to avoid losing reimbursement after Oct 1, 2015, we recommend:

  1. At least six hours training on the new ICD-10 codes for both staff and providers.
  2. Converting all your current ICD-9 code set to ICD-10.
  3. Or order the $150 sample 4-page Eyecare Form. You can also customize it. Click on the link above for details.

If you are having difficulty getting the doctors to report codes more specifically, or your clinic reports less than 10% medical claims, this form might even work for you with minor modifications.

You can share this form with your friends but be sure to inform them that it’s not a recommended list but a training and education tool. It will help you identify GAPS in your current documentation, code set, and training. If you plan on converting your codes do not delay. The EyeCodingForum staff will be very busy the last three months before October 1, 2015.

Fee ticket cheat sheet ICD-10 codes for optometry and ophthalmology

Form highlights (actually more like low-lights…):

  1. Why is this cheat sheet so bad?
  2. How many unspecific codes can you find?
  3. Numerous unspecific disease codes
  4. Unspecified eyes (waste of space)
  5. Unspecified stage (waste of space)
  6. Hundreds of conditions missing (specificity)
  7. No coding guidelines or instructions. (need training)
  8. Unspecific glaucoma codes
  9. Unspecific cataract codes
  10. Missing Type I DM codes
  11. Only 2 Type II DM codes
  12. No diabetic retinopathy codes (12 per type)
  13. Glaucoma codes alone are a full two pages
  14. *Codes in bold do not have a more specific code

Remember that reporting an unspecific disease code indicates your provider does not know what is wrong with the patient.
Overall, the specificity of your reported codes should be improved with ICD-10 implementation.

Click Here to Order EyeCodingForum Services

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ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversion Service for Eyecare

2013-11-15 21:49:43 admin

The EyeCodingForum is now offering two ICD-9 to ICD-10 code conversion services.

A conversion of all your codes, in either Excel or ASCII format, is $500. The service can be completed in less than a day. The customized service below takes multiple days and is $1800. The $500 service should be suitable for most practices that want a complete list of all their ICD-9 codes converted to ICD-10. We provide your ICD-10 codes in an Excel SS. Most expand to 800 codes or more.

Sample $500 ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion list

Click on this link to Order this service.

I have checked other, competing services and most perform a generic GEMS conversion for about $2500. That’s a simple conversion.

The EyeCodingForum service is personalized, customized, and Eyecare specific. This includes the six-hour ICD-10 training for your entire staff. We anticipate and fix any areas of vagueness or uncertainty from your ICD-10 code selection. With the expansion of codes in ICD-10 it is simply impossible to get even a marginally correct list of codes on even two pages. Decisions have to be made. The first question is do you want to code to the highest level of specificity and properly report codes using ICD-10 guidelines? If the answer is yes, we can help.

Send us a list of either your top 200 codes or the codes from your current fee ticket in a either text or Excel spreadsheet format. We provide multiple options:

  1. A customized ICD-10 code list with approximately 150 codes (3 columns of 50) per page.
  2. One or two page option (can be any length)
  3. Your list of codes and names
  4. Updated disease or condition descriptions
  5. Fix any current ICD-9 errors
  6. Fix all vague descriptions/unspecific ICD-9 codes
  7. Optional removal of unspecific diseases, eye or eyelid codes.
  8. Add in required or missing diseases/codes
  9. Expand to all relevant ICD-10 codes
  10. Options for listing laterality, eyelid codes, occurrence codes, and glaucoma stage codes.
  11. Options for listing diabetes codes (well over 100)
  12. Option for printing wildcards and a 6th & 7th digit legend.
  13. Up to 4 hours of conference calls/webinars with the doctors and staff.
  14. Audit of up to 20 encounters for documentation errors/improvements.
  15. Options for proper injury coding: sequela (late effects), injury (S and T codes), Place of Injury (W and Y codes).
  16. Hundreds of alternative, common names for conditions not found in the ICD-10 manual.
  17. Expert advice on codes that do not have an ICD-10  crosswalk.
  18. One year of EyeCodingForum Webinars (2015) including at least ½ dozen on specific ICD-10 issues.
  19. The complete, six-hour, ICD-10 coding for Eyecare online (recorded) course (worth $265)
  20. Over one-hundred medical subterms of lesser-known diseases defined.
  21. Access to the EyeCodingForum expert staff.
  22. Peace of Mind. Take advantage of our expertise and economies of scale. We will perform hundreds of conversions in the next 12 months. We can do it faster, better, and less expensively than you could do it yourself. We go to all the bother and reinvent the wheel?

Our introductory fee for the custom conversion service above is $1800. The $500 option is a  conversion of all your current ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 plus a list of additional codes I would recommend. It does not include the additional, custom services above.

There will be a lower-fee, conversion-only option for single provider optometry clinics.

If you are interested in knowing the current quality of your ICD-9 code list and how many ICD-10 codes it will expand into, please send it, with your contact information, to ecf@eyecodingforum.com in a  spreadsheet  or ASCII format. It must be  computer readable (not a scanned image or PDF file for example) Be sure to list the ICD-9 codes as text so they do not truncate fifth digits (.00).  There is no fee for this preliminary evaluation.

Thank You

Jeffrey Restuccio



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