Progress Note Audits

A progress note audit. This is a comprehensive audit of E & M or Eye Exam (920xx) encounters). Cost is $12 per Date of Service (DOS) (Office Visit) plus a one-time $125 setup and summary report fee.

For each encounter we review:

  1. The level of service
  2. History
  3. Exam
  4. Medical Decision Making
  5. Documentation to support the 920×2 and 920×4 eye exam codes.
  6. Documenting time when applicable.
  7. MOD-25 or MOD-24 usage where applicable.
  8. ICD-10 documentation review.
  9. ICD-10 linking if requested.
  10. Tracking error rate by doctor or group

Therefore an audit of 100 Progress Notes would be $1200. Most audits are performed remotely. We recommend between 3 – 30 charts per provider.

Contact the EyeCodingForum [] if you wish to schedule and order a chart audit. It is not an option on our order page.


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