Seminar Testimonials

Below is a long list of comments and testimonials from our live seminars we have conducted over the last four years.

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, CPC-H Coding Documentation and Billing Seminar Testimonial List and References Cross Country Education Seminars

In the last four years alone, have conducted well over one-hundred and eighty seminars on Eyecare coding and billing in 45 states. Below is just a sample of the comments from my most recent seminars. The online course was updated in 2013 and is the same course with additional information. it also have slides that would apply to Ophthalmology. In all there are approximately 400 PowerPoint slides and 6 – 8 hours of instruction.

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, CPC-H
(901) 517-1705

“Excellent Course! Well Presented! Thanks very much !”
L Bertolli
Hartford CT
Mar 25 2010

“Excellent Seminar… Looking forward to another one. Thank You.”

John Geiser OD
Bloomington IL
Feb 11 2010

“My intentions were to learn the elements for a proper workup for techs. I left with an abundance of knowledge. Thank you Jeff!
Robin Agee
Springfield Clinic
Springfield IL
Feb 11 2010

Sheetal Bhaga
Dallas TX Seminar (July 22 2009)
“Very Informative”

 Chatherine Altom
Dallas TX Seminar (July 22 2009)

“He was the best. Thanks so much!”
Ericka Brent
Dallas TX Seminar (July 22 2009)

“ I found this seminar to be very helpful and it also helped me to understand why I had numerous claims being denied.”
Lisa Jacobsen
Office Manager
Little Rock AR (July 23 2009)

“Enjoyed it!”
Kathy Fagan
Shreveport LA (July 21 2009)

Keith Manual
Houston TX Aug 6 09
“Great course. Great Instructor.”

Ted Karibian
Austin TX Aug 4 09
“Thank You!”
Kim Karibian
Austin TX Aug 4 09
“It was great! Very informative! Please let me know when you’re doing # 2 to this class.”

Sep 23 09
“Very Informative”
Deepa Reddy
FMC Health
Columbus OH

“Jeff was a very good speaker and this is important to keep your attention. He was very prepared and knowledgeable. Excellent Seminar.
Kimbery Bowman
Columbus OH

“Instructor [Jeff Restuccio] was very knowledgeable, excellent speaker, great resource materials and presentation. Education gained was very efficient.
Brittney Padgett
Columbus OH

“Good job”
Beth Lipps
Indianapolis IN

“I have been working in this field only for a few months. And I have learned a great deal. … I really enjoyed this class…. Great job!”
Priscilla Sandifer
Lexington KY
“Since I have only been a practicing Ophthalmologist for over a year, this was very beneficial to my daily work tasks.”
Brian Wynkoop
Pittsburgh PA

Space Center Eye Associates
“Mr. Restuccio made learning the vast and complicated material less intimidating and more an exercise of following the rules.”
P Flores, OD
Manhattan NY

Very Informative! I’m excited about billing and coding now when I was very uninterested before.
A Washington
Atlanta GA

Great concise seminar. Excellent Overview
A Boaz
Birmingham AL

I really feel that I was able to use the information provided in this course in my day to day billing and filing work
A Fowler
Jacksonville FL

It was a lot of information in a short amount of time.
S Bridges
Jacksonville FL

The instructor was knowledgeable on his coding.
D McDonald, OD
Jacksonville FL

I like the interactive, conversational approach.
W Hammer, OD
Duluth MN
July 15 2010

Very good presentation. Even though it was a lot to learn, I wish there would have been more time (than six hours).
K Hyatt
Duluth MN
July 15 2010

This was my second session with Jeff. Very good and knowledgeable instructor. I will recommend that all our doctors attend the next class or have an onsite.
C Jones
Sterling Heights MI
Aug 2010

There was a lot of information to take in. I am so glad I came. All of this new information will come in so handy to help benefit the patient. I was incredibly impressed by the instructors knowledge of all of the optometric terms and pronunciations.

M patyi
Grand Rapids MI
Aug 10 2010
Thanks for helping sort out this difficult topic.

K Swartz
Grand Rapids MI
Aug 10 2010

“Thanks … this will really improve my charting with this information.”
K Young
Seattle WA
Sep 2010

“More time needed! Great! Seminar! Office personnel and OD’s alike will benefit from this seminar.”
S Schlafman
Seattle WA
Sep 2010

Great seminar. My brain is now swollen!
R Pratt
Sep 2010

Very informative / educational
I want to know everything there is to know.
S Beck
Seattle WA
Sep 2010

I wanted to let you know, I enjoyed your seminar. Always good to hear/talk with other offices. Got some good information to take back to my doctors. Thank you for a great day !!
T Titus
Oct 12 2010
Harrisburg PA

November 1, 2010
J. McCusker
Alexandria VA
“Great class, very informative”

November 1, 2010
L. Frederick
Alexandria VA
“Very helpful”

November 2, 2010
T. Hess
Baltimore MD
“Jeffrey did a wonderful job. We will be bringing the rest of our staff back to this course in the future.”

Feb 10 2011
Columbia SC
“Very valuable seminar – best of its class.”
W Wise, OD

Feb 15 2011
Irvine CA
L Meter
“Informative – enjoyable”

Feb 15 2011
Irvine CA
Ann Tran
“Great Information – very knowledgeable Medicare Speaker – Jeff (resourceful)”

T Brady
Souix Falls SD
“Great Seminar” Learned Lots.

T Brink

“Very informative. Thanks so much.”

Lori Peterson
“Learned a lot. Excellent resource.”

Holly Scott-Meyer
Des Moines IA
“Good Information Given.”

May 10 2011
P Stretton
Columbus Ohio
“You made us a bunch of money! – Thanks.”

July 27 2011
M Murray
Chicago IL
“Very effective and knowledgeable speaker and presentation. I would recommend him and attend another seminar given by him on similar topics in this area of coding.”

July 27 2011
S Solaka
Chicago IL
“speaker was great. Very informative.”

August 9 2011
C Licari
Parsipany NJ
“Instructor was knowledgeable with an obvious flair for the material.”

August 9 2011
Parsipany NJ
“Great, wish it was longer”
August 11 2011

C White
New Brunswick NJ
“It was a wonderful day.”

August 11, 2011
Mathew Knox
New Brunswick NJ
“He was a genuinely helpful instructor for what can be an exhausting topic. He had lots of insight and ideas to help.”

October 12 2011
D Stepner
Boston MA
“Excellent presentation”

October 12 2011
T Nguyen
Boston MA
“The speaker was very knowledgeable about billing, covering all necessary topics, answer question to the best of his ability.”

D Feifke
October 12 2011
Boston MA
“Outstanding Presentation”

“Very good material! Great Class!”
San Antonio TX
Dec 6 2011
A Jurica

“Very enjoyable learning experience”
Dec 6 2011
San Antonio TX
M Pena

A Adkins
Dec 7 2011
Austin Tx
“Overall very good course and presenter.”

“The speaker was very nice and answered any questions that were asked and provided me with many resources for future coding.”
Dec 7 2911
Austin Tx
C. Valadez

J Blackman
Dec 7 2011
Austin Tx
“Very nice seminar – learned a lot.”

January 25 2012
N Reed
Baton Rouge LA
‘Full of information. Knows what he is talking about.”

February 9 2012
J Lebow
Norfolk VA
“Great Seminar!” Learned a lot. Can’t wait to join the [Coding Advisor] Website.

Feb 8 2012
H Page
Richmond VA
“Thank you! Very enjoyable.”

Lori Corbett
St. Paul MN
Apr 26 2012
“Jeff was the most informative billing and coding speaker I’ve heard in 18 hears. Thank You.”

Elaine Thole
St. Cloud MN
April 25 2012
“Very good presentation. Followed manual added very good additional tips/guidelines. Very open to questions and took questions for follow up. Great content.”

Todd Baumgartner
St. Cloud MN
April 25 2012
“Very good seminar. A low of useful inforatmion that is very practical to our optometric practice. Thank You.

April 24 2012
Fargo ND
“Good Presentation. Lots of good material.”

S Margheim
Aug 22 2012
Kansas City MO
“Great Job! I learned a lot and can’t wait to go back and share with my office.” Thanks

C Murphy
Aug 21 2012
St Louis MO

M Freemantle
Aug 21 2012
St Louis MO
“Well, worth taking the time to attend. Informative and covers a lot of material. Jeffery is knowledgeable and well informed about these billing issues.”
M Helfich

Aug 21 2012
St Louis MO
“Good Presenter. Very thorough!”

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