June 22 Webinar: Diagnostic Tests for Eyecare (update)

Join us June 22 for another of our most popular Webinars. It is an update to our 2014 Webinar with ICD-10 codes, updated Medicare information and the tips and tricks the will help you get paid the first time and every time. Whether you’re a coding and billing novice or a seasoned veteran we guarantee you will learn something new–or your money back. It will be recorded so you can watch it anytime. This Webinar includes:

  1. Modifiers that ensure a clean claim
  2. Small surgical procedures performed in the office
  3. The concept of carrier-specific rules
  4. Bilateral procedures
  5. RVU’s and pricing information
  6. How to document the Interpretation and Report
  7. The top Eyecare Diagnostic procedures:
  8. Fundus Photography 92250
  9. Extended Ophthalmoscopy 92225/92226
  10. Visual Field Exam 9208(1 or 2 and 3)
  11. GDX/OCT/HRT 92133/92134
  12. Therapeutic Contact Lenses 92071 and 92072.
  13. Punctal Plugs (closure by plug) 68761
  14. Vision Therapy Services (92065)
  15. Corneal Topography 92025
  16. Pachymetry, corneal (US) 76514
  17. VEP (Visual Evoked Potentials)

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