August 24 EyeCodingForum Webinar: Medicare for Eyecare

This noon, Central Time, 50-minute Webinar will focus on everything related to Medicare for both optometry and ophthalmology. Click here to order EyeCodingForum Services.  It will be recorded so you can view it anytime. It is an update to our July 2014 Webinar. Medicare is your most important insurance carrier. This is a valuable investment of an hour of your time. We will discuss:

  1. Common diagnostic procedures
  2. The Basics (LCDs, E & M Guidelines, Incident-To Rules)
  3. How to work with Medicare
  4. How Medicare Advantage is different.
  5. Why Medicare is not just one, single agency (jurisdictions)
  6. Co-Management
  7. Understand carrier-specific rules
  8. Office visits (both E & M and 920xx codes)
  9. Documentation requirements
  10. How to  appeal denied claims
  11. Improving your ICD-10 coding.

Nationally, about 75 to 85% of Medicare rules and guidelines are the same. However, there are 12 Jurisdictions in the United States and each one has slightly different rules. Our goal will be to provide both a sound foundation and provide new information from all of them and help you get paid correctly, the first time.

The Webinar is $49.00 for one, $149 for purchase a block of 4 or only $499 for access to the entire EyeCodingForum Training Library of over 40 Webinars (Site License). Click here for a list of all available EyeCare Coding and Billing Webinars.

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA
(901) 517-1705

2018 ICD-10 Updates for Ophthalmology and Optometry

Join us noon CST, July 27 2017 for our early look at the new 2018 ICD-10 code additions, changes, and deletions for optometry and ophthalmology. This Webinar is about 50-minutes. In addition to being recorded (watch anytime) we plan on conducting this same Webinar live in August, September and October. Every Eyecare Office must conduct new code training every year. It includes:

  1. New ICD-10 codes for 2018 for Eyecare
  2. Changes to degenerative myopia
  3. Changes to blindness codes
  4. Changes to low vision codes
  5. Other code changes
  6. Deleted codes
  7. Revised codes
  8. Formal ICD-10 coding training
  9. When two codes are required and not just one.
  10. Disease specificity
  11. Exceptions and “Gotchas”

This Webinar is $49 or buy a block of 4 for $149; or purchase the Site License (over 40 Webinars plus the next 12 Webinars for a full year) for only $499. Click on This link to Order EyeCodingForum Services.

Click here for a list of all available EyeCare Coding and Billing Webinars.

May 11: The Top 12 EMR Mistakes most Eyecare Clinics Make

This Webinar is specifically for Eyecare.  Most managers and providers are under the mistaken notion that their coding and compliance concerns are over once they’ve purchased a certified EMR system.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
In this Webinar we will discuss more than 12 issues that both include and are caused by EMR use. Trust me, your EMR vendor is not going to discourage you from up-coding–that helps pay for the system. And copying information from a previous visit is a time-saver–but is it compliant? This 50-minute Webinar will be held at noon, Central Time, Thursday May 11, and includes:

  1. CC/Presenting Problem
  2.  Mood and Affect/ A+OX3
  3.  Review of Systems (ROS)
  4.  The Problem with Problem Lists
  5.  Identical Exams
  6.  Two additional exam elements specifically for children.
  7.  Medical Decision Making (MDM)
  8.  Pull-down lists for Assessment/Impression
  9.  Medical Necessity (both definitions)
  10.  Matching diagnosis with CPT codes
  11.  Time: Only one Time
  12.  Medicine Section codes 920×2 and 920×4
  13.  Payment versus compliance

Click on This link to Order EyeCodingForum Services. This Webinar is $49 or buy a block of 4 for $149; or purchase the Site License (over 40 Webinars plus the next 12 Webinars for a full year) for only $499. All Webinars are recorded so you can watch anytime and as often as you like. They are streaming video.

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Twelve EyeCare ICD-10 Questions to Assess Your Knowledge

In 2017 every Eyecare clinic needs to up their game in terms of ICD10 coding specificity. Remember, you don’t need to outrun the lion, just the 90% of Eyecare clinics who do not take this seriously. That’s how you become a top ten-percent earner in Eyecare [Optimize  Compliance/Maximize Revenue]

If you work in an optometry or ophthalmology office the following questions below will help you assess your ICD-10 coding and documentation knowledge. These are not basic ICD-10 questions but more representative of how accurate coding can help your practice optimize r compliance and maximize revenue. The answers to the questions below are all in the EyeCodingForum ICD-10 recorded video training course.

Please share these with everyone you know in Eyecare:

  1. How do you report a dense cataract?
  2. How do you report a rule-out of a blowout fracture?
  3. How do you report a nasal or temporal pterygium?
  4. Does blurred vision [H53.8] support medical necessity?
  5. In ICD-10 you cannot report wet or dry ARMD by eye (right or left) [True or false?].
  6. How do you report “uncontrolled diabetes Type II” in ICD-10?
  7. Is degenerative myopia [H44.2*] paid on a medical claim?
  8. Which code categories do not have a bilateral (3) option?
  9. How do you know how to sequence ICD-10 codes on the claim form? [What is a good source of this information?]
  10. How do you report bacterial conjunctivitis?
  11. Is refractive amblyopia [H53.02*] paid on a medical claim?
  12. Can the removal a suture, stent, conjunctival concretion removal be coded as a foreign body removal?

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC
(901) 517-1705

Webinar Bundle: Coding for Ophthalmology and Optometry

This bundle focuses on coding topics. In addition to eight modules we include at no additional cost, 35 Coding and Billing Concepts everyone Should Know and our Newbie Coding And Billing Module for Eyecare.

  1. March 2014 Over 35 Key Concepts Every Provider, Coder, and Biller Must Know
  2. July 2013: Eyecare Diagnostic Procedures
  3. April 17 2014 How to Document and Report Office Visits
  4. July 2015: Using Modifiers in Eyecare
  5. May 29 2014 Scoring Medical Decision Making For E & M Encounters
  6. June 19 2014: Top Documentation Errors
  7. Oct 2016: Basics of Coding, Billing, and Insurance
  8. Dec 2016: New Everything for Eyecare – 2017: CPT, Medicare, HCPCS and More
  9. Feb 27 2014: Screening and Non-Eye Diseases Eyecodingforum Webinar-
  10. May 23 2013: Auditing Your Internal Progress Notes

All recorded videos are by clinic for up to 10 providers, they can be watched as often as you like. They are about 50 minutes and can be paused and rewound like any video. They are streaming Webinars on the WebEx server. After you purchase the Bundle you will see a link in your subscription area with the list above.

Click on this link to Order EyeCodingForum Services.


Webinar Bundle: Other Topics for ophthalmology and optometry

This is for the veteran coder and billers who want to learn about peripheral topics. Whether you’ve worked in optometry and ophthalmology for 10 or 20 years I am sure you will learn something new. We had so many good topics I settled on 9 plus the 35 Concepts and Newbie coding and billing course for Eyecare included  with all Bundles.

  1. March 2014 Over 35 key concepts every provider, coder, and biller must know
  2. Nov 2016: Analyzing financial ratios for your Eyecare clinic
  3. DEC 13 2012: Marketing to medical patients-
  4. APRIL 2015: Other places of service
  5. Nov 2015 Meaningful use
  6. Aug 2016 : DME-MAC: Billing and Coding for post-cataract glasses
  7. MARCH 2015: Documenting for PQRS and Interpretation and Report
  8. Jan 26 2017: HIPAA for Eyecare [Jan 26 Webinar]
  9. Mar 2016 Everything not in the CPT or ICD-10 manual
  10. Feb 27 2014: Screening and non-eye diseases EyeCodingForum Webinar-
  11. Oct 2016: Basics of coding, billing, and insurance

All recorded videos are by clinic for up to 10 providers. They can be watched as often as you like. Every year older modules will be updated. They are about 50 minutes each and can be paused and rewound like any video. They are streaming Webinars on the WebEx server. After you purchase the Bundle you will see a link in your subscription area with the list above.

Click on this link to Order EyeCodingForum Services.

Free Basic and Coding Webinar for Ophthalmology and Optometry

The recorded webinar below is our Oct 2016 Coding and Billing for Newbies presentation. It is 60 minutes and for someone completely new to medical billing and coding.  It is hosted on the Webex server and after you click on the link it will download the free .ARF video player the first time and then stream to your PC or Mac. It can be paused or rewound at any time. It does not download to your computer.

If you desire more comprehensive training please look into our Site License option or affordable Coding and Billing Bundles. Individual Webinars are only $49–a fraction of the cost of competing Webinar companies.

Very basic coding, billing, and insurance video training for Optometry and Ophthalmology module.

Just click on the free training module above, sit back and enjoy!

Updated 2017 ICD-10 Cheat Sheet for Eyecare Available Now

This is an updated, 4 1/3 page PDF document. It will be emailed to you as a PDF file. The update is only $25 for those who purchased previously the 4-page ICD-10 coding cheat sheet. It is the fifth option on the purchase form (Under the Order tab)

With all the new codes it just did not fit on 4 pages so I’m offering it as a PDF file and you can print copies for your office (only).

If you are interested you can order the Sept 15 ICD-10 update webinar and the cheat sheet update is included at no extra cost.

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC


Dec 6 Tues: New Everything for Eyecare – 2017: CPT, Medicare, HCPCs and more

The fifty-minute Webinar is Tuesday, December 6, 2016, (not the usual Thursday) and it will save you between 8-15 hours. How valuable is your time? We conduct new code updates–specifically for Eyecare–every year, and this is one of our most popular Webinars so be sure to order early. We may record it early if the number of attendees exceeds our maximum login limit. This webinar is taught by Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, an Eyecare coding and billing expert with hundreds of hours of experience. Remember, you must use all new CPT codes on Jan 1 2017 and after. ICD-10 updates were covered in the Sep 15 2016 Webinar. This webinar will review:

  1. CPT code updates for 2017 (effective Jan 2017)
  2. Level III CPT code updates and changes
  3. Why they’ve changed
  4. How to apply the new codes,
  5. What should be documented to support them.
  6. Medicare updates
  7. NCCI edits
  8. RVU updates
  9. Modifier changes
  10. Local Coverage Determination Updates (Medicare)
  11. 2017 OIG Workplan
  12. Other late-breaking topics
  13. Your questions

This Webinar is $49 or buy a block of 4 for $99; it is included with the Site License (all Webinars and ICD-10 updates for a full year) for only $499. All Webinars are recorded so you can watch anytime and as often as you like.

Click here to order.

September 15: New ICD-10 changes for Eyecare

This 50-minute webinar was recorded on Sep 15 and is now available immediately. It is only $49. The fee is per clinic. You can watch it anytime and as many times as you want. This Webinar will be specific to ophthalmology and optometry (Eyecare).

It has been four years since the last regular annual update to the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 code sets. On October 1, 2016 ICD-10 will include over 1,900 new codes including four significant changes to Eyecare codes as well as 800 newly released 2017 ICD-10 injury codes. We will cover not only codes directly related to Eyecare as well as those peripherally related. Making even a small mistake can lead to significant denials and revenue losses for your practice.

  1. New ICD-10 codes for 2017
  2. Formal ICD-10 coding training
  3. When two codes are required and not just one.
  4. Changes to open-angle glaucoma codes.
  5. Changes to diabetic retinopathy codes
  6. Changes to macular degeneration codes.
  7. Changes to central and branch retinal vein occlusions
  8. Disease specificity
  9. Exceptions and “Gotchas”
  10. Coding accidents and injuries

Be prepared. Don’t let the insurance companies deny your claims and reduce your income. If your coders and providers have not had comprehensive ICD-10 coding training (at least six hours) you will not be able to fix this in just one or two hours after Oct. 1. It takes training, periodic audits, reviews and continued training and monitoring.

This Webinar is included in our Site License or order a bundle of four for a 50 % discount. If you have any questions please be sure to send them to us beforehand:

Click here to Order.