Mar 24 Everything Not in the CPT or ICD-10 Manual

This webinar is specifically for Eyecare and covers the following:

  1. The PFSRVU database
  2. RVUS
  3. Professional versus Technical component
  4. E & M RVU’s versus 920xx codes
  5. Bilateral surgery modifier
  6. Other surgery flags
  7. NCCI Edits
  8. Global Days
  9. Local Coverage Determination
  10. Medical Necessity
  11. Medicare Modifiers
  12. Eye Exam elements
  13. Other Issues
  14. AHA ICD-10 Coding Guidelines for 2016

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Maximizing Revenue through Accurate Coding, Billing, Documentation, and Compliance

This Webinar is recorded and if you can watch it anytime, anywhere. If you select just one, this should be it. Note that it does assume a basic knowledge of concepts and guidelines. If you discover you need additional training, select our Beginner Bundle of Webinars (only $125) on our Order Form.

1. Documenting and reporting 920xx codes

2. Documenting and scoring E & M office visits

3. Know how to score MDM.

4. Updating your fee schedule. Understanding RVU’s

5. Understanding medical necessity

6. Medicare Guidelines and Tips

7. Learn how to appeal denied claims.

8. Reporting optimal levels (audit-proofing your clinic)

9. Knowing information not in the CPT manual (e.g., unilateral vs bilateral codes)

10. Work screenings for high-risk drugs

11. Niche markets: psychiatric, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics

12. How to document the Interpretation and Report for diagnostic tests

13. A little something extra on ICD-10 (Appendix)

2016 CPT, HCPC, ICD-10, Medicare, Medicaid updates for Ophthalmology and Optometry

The fifty-minute Webinar is Thursday, December 10, 2015, and it will save you between 8-15 hours. How valuable is your time? Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC is an Eyecare coding expert with hundreds of hours of experience in coding and billing exclusively for Eyecare. This webinar will review:

  1. CPT code updates
  2. Level III CPT code updates and changes
  3. Why they’ve changed
  4. How to apply the new codes,
  5. What should be documented to support them.
  6. NCCI edits
  7. RVU updates
  8. Modifier changes
  9. Medicare updates
  10. Local Coverage Determination Updates (Medicare)
  11. 2016 OIG Workplan
  12. 2016 ICD-10 Guidelines updates

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Quick LCD list with ICD-10 Codes

WPS Medicare now offers their LCD’s with either ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes. You can compare and contrast both lists. Click here for a complete list.