Webinar Bundle: Other Topics for ophthalmology and optometry

This is for the veteran coder and billers who want to learn about peripheral topics. Whether you’ve worked in optometry and ophthalmology for 10 or 20 years I am sure you will learn something new. We had so many good topics I settled on 9 plus the 35 Concepts and Newbie coding and billing course for Eyecare included  with all Bundles.

  1. March 2014 Over 35 key concepts every provider, coder, and biller must know
  2. Nov 2016: Analyzing financial ratios for your Eyecare clinic
  3. DEC 13 2012: Marketing to medical patients-
  4. APRIL 2015: Other places of service
  5. Nov 2015 Meaningful use
  6. Aug 2016 : DME-MAC: Billing and Coding for post-cataract glasses
  7. MARCH 2015: Documenting for PQRS and Interpretation and Report
  8. Jan 26 2017: HIPAA for Eyecare [Jan 26 Webinar]
  9. Mar 2016 Everything not in the CPT or ICD-10 manual
  10. Feb 27 2014: Screening and non-eye diseases EyeCodingForum Webinar-
  11. Oct 2016: Basics of coding, billing, and insurance

All recorded videos are by clinic for up to 10 providers. They can be watched as often as you like. Every year older modules will be updated. They are about 50 minutes each and can be paused and rewound like any video. They are streaming Webinars on the WebEx server. After you purchase the Bundle you will see a link in your subscription area with the list above.

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Aug. 18 Webinar: Coding and Billing for post-cataract glasses

This 50-minute webinar will be held noon central time on Thursday,  Aug 18. It is only $49 and will be recorded so you can watch it anytime. This Webinar will be specific to ophthalmology and optometry (Eyecare).

This webinar will include numerous rules and guidelines concerning reporting services to the DME-MAC, or durable medical equipment, Medicare administrative contractor. It will cover eyeglasses, contacts and prosthetic eyes. This unique niche is either loved or hated by Eyecare professionals. Many have given up due to the increased paperwork and complexity. However, it is a valuable niche market if you have an optician or sales staff that is comfortable upselling patients on additional features.  This is an updated 2016 version from the EyeCodingForum comprehensive billing and coding course. In this webinar you will learn:

  1. What is DME-MAC?
  2. Basic reporting guidelines
  3. Specific HCPC codes
  4. How to streamline the process
  5. Upselling
  6. Marketing your services
  7. Carrier-specific rules
  8. DME-MAC modifiers
  9. Other supplies
  10. Tying it all together

This Webinar is included in our Site License or order a bundle of four for a 50 % discount. If you have any questions please be sure to send them to us beforehand: jeff@eyecodingforum.com

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