Jan 22 2015 Webinar: Setting Fees for Eyecare Services

The noon, central time, Thursday, January 22, 50-minute Webinar will cover pricing and setting fees for your services specifically for Eyecare. Click here to OrderWe will cover a host of topics including:

  1. Fee schedules
  2. Medicare PFSRVU database
  3. Relative Value Units (RVU’s)
  4. Competition
  5. Self-pay
  6. Discounts
  7. Strategies for setting fees
  8. Vision Plans
  9. Medical Insurance
  10. What exactly is “casino insurance?”
  11. Your Questions !

The Webinar is only $49.00 or purchase a block of 4 Webinars for only $99. You can choose any recorded or new Webinar. At only $25 per webinar just one tip could return your investment in just one week! Click here to learn more about our services.

All Webinars are recorded and can be viewed anytime. We currently have a library of over 30. This fee is per clinic, not per person. Click on this link to Order EyeCodingForum Services.

Also, it’s time to resume your ICD-10 training for Eyecare. Sign up with the EyeCodingForum now and you will have access to the six-hour online ICD-10 training videos until Oct. 1 2015 plus free webinars.