May 19 Webinar: Winning Carrier Appeals the First Time

This 50-minute webinar will be held noon central time on Thursday,  May 19. It is only $49 and will be recorded so you can watch it anytime. This Webinar will be specific to ophthalmology and optometry (Eyecare). It will include:

  1. Most common reason claims are denied
  2. Top Ten Medicare Part-B reasons
  3. Sample Denial letters
  4. Appeal Steps
  5. Get Organized before you call
  6. Identify the Carrier / Gather the manual or LCD.
  7. Is this a non-covered service?
  8. Is pre-authorization always required?
  9. ICD-10 Linking
  10. NCCI Edit?
  11. Correct Modifier?
  12. Is this a Carrier-Specific Rule?
  13. Is this worth appealing? Can you win?
  14. Contacting the carrier
  15. Appeal as many times (levels) as necessary to get paid.
  16. The art of appealing a denied claim.

This Webinar is included in our Site License or order a bundle of four for a 50 % discount. If you have any questions please be sure to send them to us beforehand:

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