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Live Training Presentations

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, CPC-H, currently teaches a public Ophthalmology/Optometry seminars nationwide three days each month for Crosscountry Education

Click here for a list of current cities.

Jeff has a one-hour, ARBO approved presentation suitable for a state, regional or national Optometry conference. Contact Jeff  for pricing and available dates.
Jeff is available for a six-hour onsite seminar at your place of business. This can be arranged either on a weekday or on the weekend. Costs include a fee plus all travel expenses plus $25 per manual.

For an onsite presentation, please include:

  1. At least 3 Progress Notes/Op Reports (or one or two per doctor)
  2. A list of the clinic's top 25 CPT and ICD-9 codes
  3. A copy of all progress note forms
  4. A fee ticket form.
  5. Any cheat sheets
  6. Up to five questions from the doctors/coders.



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