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EyeCodingForum (ECF) Product Cost Breakdown. Note discounts when ADDING products below. Use Option 5 for additional EyeCodingForum Users at the same clinic.

Note products highlighted in gray can be ordered now but will be available soon. Contact us if you are interested. Click Here to Order.

  Product Cost       Links
1a & 1b below provide access to the online EyeCodingForum only. Sign up for Six months Free!
1a Semi-annual EyeCodingForum Subscription  $120.00 Order      Link to Forum
1b Annual EyeCodingForum Subscription  $240.00  Order     Link to Forum
2 Online Coding and Billing Training Course (180 days)   $218.00 Order      Link to Course
3 Sample Progress Note Form (Annual)   $99.00       Link
4 Coding Compliance Plan for Eyecare $199.00 Order     Contact Us
4a Mini-Audit for Eyecare Clinic $250.00 Order     Contact Us
Summary Documents (Annual)  $99.00       Link
 ADD products (Significant discounts for multiple users). Requires purchase of Annual Online Forum or online Training Course.
5a ADD: Eyecodingforum (180 days) $60.00 Link=> Online EyeCare Coding and Billing Forum
5b ADD: Eyecodingforum (One year) $120.00 Link=> Online EyeCare Coding and Billing Forum

Use the Option above for multiple EyeCodingForum users at the same clinic. 50% discount for each additional User ID.

6 ADD: Online Training Course (180 days)  $149.00 Link=> Eye Coding Training Course
  ADD: Progress Note Form  $49.00 Link=> Progress Note Forms
  ADD: Summary Documents  $49.00 Link=> Summary Documents

To Order: ECF accepts all major credit cards and Paypal or a Check. Make checks out to ECF at the address below.





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